How to Play

How to play Online Instant Win and Sweepstakes Games

First and foremost, and I can't stress this one enough, get yourself a new e-mail address to use just for entering sweeps and playing instant win games. or are good places to get a free e-mail address. You don't want a million newsletters, coupons and other stuff clogging up your 'real' email addy so keeping a separate email just for sweeps is a must. It's all a part of sweeping!

The same goes for phone number, unless you love annoying calls I wouldn't recommend putting down your private phone number. There's several places online you can get a FREE online phone number just to use for sweepstakes like Virtual Phone Number.

You need to register with each contest the FIRST time you play, but after that it's easy to just click and play daily.

Setting your browser setting to 'auto fill' the forms is an enormous help. You can also download one of many auto fillers available on the internet.

If you win an instant win prize check your email for the confirmation. Instant win prizes are usually mailed on the commencement date of the sweepstakes.

If you are allowed to play daily - do it! Increase your chances of winning.

Play at odd times of the day like the middle of the night, when less people are apt to be playing. Some think this increases your chance of winning a prize, although we have no idea if there's any validity to the method. I know personally, I found if I cross my toes and pat the screen I'm more apt to win. grin*

If the game requires a UPC or Prize Code to play and you don't have one - try going to the site anyway. They sometimes have a special link for you to click that will auto-generate a free Code for you.

If the game doesn't work on your computer (for example, it requires Flash and you don't have the lastest version) - you can usually still play anyway.  You can skip the game and just click the link to find out if you have won or not.

Last and most importantly.. have fun and ...Win Good Stuff!